Grant Application Process for Salmon Recovery Funding Board and Puget Sound Acquisition Funding:

We are not currently planning to offer a grant round in 2019 because we allocated 2019 expected grant monies as part of our 2018 grant round. We do expect to be running a grant round in 2020 for Salmon Recovery Funding Board Grants (SRFB) and also for 2021 Puget Sound Acquisition & Restoration (PSAR) grants.  Projects to be considered for either of those opportunities must be high priority on our Ranked Workplan. We plan on issuing a call for updates or new projects for our workplan in late summer/early fall of 2019. If you are a new potential project sponsor, please email or phone our coordinator Cheryl Baumann at: or call her at 360-417-2326. You can also ask to be added to our email distribution list so you can receive more information when this process begins. The following documents provide examples from the 2018 grant round.

Engaging earlier (well in advance of applications) to discuss possible projects and funding opportunities is critically important and helpful. This includes talking with the coordinator, as well as possible partner outreach and meeting attendance.

Potential projects are scored and ranked by our Lead Entity Technical Team.